Add video playlists with this free multiple video player

———– allows Youtube users to place multiple videos in an embeddable player. As you can see in the playlist above it is very useful and extremely easy to navigate. Once you start the first video the player auto-plays the rest in the order you’ve set up. Just scroll to view and play.

These are ‘my’ videos and are all related to my work, but there are a multitude of other great uses. You could round up a list of any topic and compile playlists for almost anything. I’m off to work on a 1960’s TV show list for my boomer pals.

One of the really useful features you may want to use is ‘Smart Lists’ – these will add content dynamically based on your keyword ‘tags’ and you can just let it grow on its own. You can also just add your username (or any other for that mater) and automatically post your content to the embedded player.

(note: check to see where the new videos are added. They may appear at the end and you may want them at the beginning. If so you can manually drag and drop) Seems like a great idea to keep content ‘fresh’!

The free player is very easy to configure and customize. I intend to make some playlist tests and see what other idea I can come up with. If you make some too then I’d love to hear about it. Send me you link and I’ll check it out.

If you have ideas, questions or thoughts I hope you’ll comment here below.

Thanks- rb

ps: find my lists here- Randy Barnes Video Playlists

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