Beginning Video Editor Training

Learning to edit video took a long time for me and was very frustrating. The software is powerful but hardly intuitive. I’d figured out numerous programs in the past but found video editors a real bear.

Eventually, after a year of trial-and-error, searching info, guides, and tutorials online I had the opportunity to spend a few thousand dollars and attend a day long hands-on workshop. It was there that I learned enough in a couple of hours to get me through 90% of the editing skills I use today.

Beginner Video Editing Workshop

The EzVideo Guy's Video Editing For Beginners Workshop

I am now offering a beginning training package based on what I really needed and wanted back then. I can now answer the questions that you should and would be asking if you just knew enough.

Novice video makers are going to find this training a thrill. Your creativity will be gushing once you get a few necessary skills developed. Remember how the “deep end” became a whole different place once you learned to swim?

Training comes very natural to me and I am excited to be able to share the skills I’ve worked so hard to learn.  I feel like there are many budding filmmakers out there just waiting to create some worthy video products for business or just for fun.

While I am getting the material and methods perfected I am offering a special package which should get anyone up and running in just one session.  This is not likely to get you into “Sundance” but you’ll definitely  be able to produce videos that your friends, family, and customers are going to enjoy.  Once you get beyond the first few humps you will find this to be much more fun, and possibly addictive.

Click the graphic to get to the full training page and of course the video!

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