Please Don’t Confuse This With An Actual Blog ;-)

While I do enjoy making useful and fun videos, I dontt spend much time writing about things here. If you have a question or comment please ask in the comments below.

Meanwhile Ill be off in other directions making videos and chasing social media pursuits that are more suited to monitization :-)

Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card

Sometimes I forget about Animoto, but then I see someone using one and I’m drawn right back in. Animoto is free and easy [also Ez] and totally irrestible. Go make one for somebody and have a great holiday!

Create your own video slideshow at

Shout-out and Share the Love (aka traffic!)

Video Idea #76 – Shout-out to other blogs and pages!

By editing the video with text etc you can build your list or traffic to your own site. When you shout-out to someone they’ll LOVE it and will share it with all their connection via facebook, twitter and everywhere they can. I’d say that’s win-win! Re-tweet, Re-blip, re-post and share this one ;-)

You want an Ez way to add test? just write your @name on a card and stick it in front of the camera. You’ll get the same love and won’t have to edit!

Let’s Talk Video in Small Groups

Do you have a small group that would be interested in learning how to produce good internet videos the easy way? I’m willing to work out a time for an hour or two in Greensboro, Charlotte, Grenville/Spartinburg, or Atlanta areas. Let me here from you soon.

Free Tickets for Someone!

4 Free Tickets – Fox Theater Atlanta GA
Fri Jun 11th Nickelodeon Storytime Live!

Storytime Live from Nickelodeon at The Fox

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I have these 4 ticket which I won on Twitter from the local Comcast folks.  This is a great chance to offer some family a great  night of entertainment with the children.

If you or someone you know, can and will use these then they’r all yours.  Just be the 1st to get in touch and i’ll send them your way. I’d do it now if you have an interest!  email me  [] tweet me @rbarnesdotcom or call me if you know the number ;-)

Thanks Siddique & New Meetup Friends

I really enjoyed the MeetUp with the Stomper Local Atlanta folks Sat June 5th. Here’s my Ez Video followup thank you as an example of a good use for simple video tools.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn  as I am currently building and re-building my account based on this amazing new insight and advice!

Soon I’ll be asking if my subdomain structure here is a good idea for SEo or if it’s just in my mind.

Randy Barnes

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Welcome to EZvideoGuy!

This is even easier than it looks ;-)

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