Mobile Video Journalists Can Learn From CNN Professionals

EzVideoGuy and Ted Turner cupout at CNN Center

I spent the weekend at CNN Center as a guest iReporter for the 2012 iReport Awards Weekend. The experience was really worthwhile and I am here to share a bit that may be helpful to other Ez video creators.

Think about this stat pulled from an Ericsson report: 5 years from now there should be more mobile connected devices than there are human beings on Earth. Obviously this will mean more video creation and far more video consumption.

My favorite session was with Victor Hernandez, a CNN a journalistic communitech guy that makes many things happen over there. Victor has ants in his pants, and gave us a great 90 minute presentation, in 50 minutes! The slideshare’s below and worth a look.

Of course I’m a player, and know my stuff, but I still got lots of great tips and ideas from this. One great resource Victor shared was the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Mobile Journalism Reporting Tools Guide

The iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) is of course the hottest tool as its the easiest and quickest on the draw. I’ve just ordered some toys for mine and will show you that later. For now check out the many apps that Victor mentions in the presentation. I especially recommend

This was just one of the session that we shared over the weekend. I’ll add some more here soon if you like, but the others are’t likely to have the good slideshare like Victor’s. Check out all the resources and links give in this presentation. No matter who you are you should get some great ideas.

Time for Action!

Animoto Makes Ez Video Really Easy

Animoto Video For Promotion SEO and Action

Web Video click, click, done.

Animoto is a great tool for making very effective traffic-building video. Here I have a CTA (call to action) link at the very end to get the business. This little sales tool will be working 24/7 for years.

The call to action link is very powerful and makes the small cost of these videos one of the best marketing deals you’ll ever find.

This video is made from bits and pieces I snagged from the web. I can do this for anyone anywhere and never need to have a camera or a IRL meeting with a client. This is why I really like this tool. That, and the fact that it looks really awesome when finished.

Visit and make your own or hire me to get an expert to handle the job for you.

Embed a playlist and keep’em on your channel.

Some people don’t want a visitor to see their youtube video on the blog and click over to some competitor once the video ends. One way to avoid this is to embed a playlist. At least that’s my story. I’m testing the current embed code from the new Youtube channel layout here. We’ll see what happens.

So, there’s a playlist – I’ll be talking about this Wed April 4, at Atlanta Bloggers MeetUp.

iPhone 4 & 4s Make great Video in HD – Learn How Now

iphone video training package

I have purchased a new iphone training product from the web which I’m very delighted to share. If you have an iphone, or like me an ipod touch, you may like to use it to make some great web video. It can be the easiest video to make as you always have your phone with you and you’ll be ready at any opportunity.

The following video was my first using the iPod Touch on a tripod and it worked well. My next will be better quality as I follow some of Jules’ lighting tips or if I film it outside.

I don’t plan on tossing my other cameras but I do want to make better video with my iMachines. I also need to be able to teach others how they can make video with just their iphone. The videos and resource I’ve found in this training package are very professional and very focused on the iphone. Now, part of what I’ve loved is the portions that translate to any web video, not just the iphone.

Jules, the creator of this iphone video training, is coming from a big media tv production background, and he knows his stuff. I’ve never heard any other video trainers giving the actionable and professional insider advice on shooting video like this.

iphone video training package

Click to learn more about iPhone Video

The complete program is priced at only $47 and royalty free music tracks which are really handy when youre first starting out. Find all the details for yourself by visiting the info page and judge for yourself.

Android users will be at a loss as the iprods are manditory for success here. My advice is to do like me, carry both! I have an android phone but use the iPod Touch too, as the goodies from Apple are just too good to miss.

Post any questions or comments and I will respond!

Best Wishes


Howto: Download YouTube Videos

video downloadhelper add-on for Firefox

There are times when you need to show or watch videos from your local computer but can’t access the web. You may be making a presentation from a laptop and have no internet access.  Salespeople often are left with no access and need to show demos.  If you’re traveling it’s a great way to learn or keep  the family occupied.

You should always have a local copy as a backup for many reasons, like in case yout host pulls the plug on your video channel! (More common than you may realize.) Remember not to put all your videos in one basket.

Like anything I’m sure there’s a hundred ways to do this.  My current method is to use a Firefox browser add-on called Video DownloadHelper. The browser and add-on are both free and very easy to use. If you dont have Firefox then you need to get that first. If you aleady have it then just install the add-on from the link.

I like to download the highest quality video available and generally want the mp4 file. This is the flavor that plays well with all the iGadgets and tablets and is  a good quality format.  Just watch the video here to see how easy it is to use.


video downloadhelper add-on for Firefox

DownloadHelper makes Video Downloading Ez!

If you have another tool or method to use in downloading video then I’d appreciate a comment below to share it around. If you have a question about video then ask it here. If I don’t have an answer I’ll find someone that does.

7 Web Video Tips From 7 Web Video Pros

Add Your Link In YouTube Description, First!

I attend many social events and media happenings and just wander around sometimes seeking advice on making video for the web. There may be a million more tips and ideas out there so I think I’ll just keep looking. The advice here is very valuable and learned the hard way. We’ve all learned by frequently doing it wrong first.

Take these web video tips for what they’re worth and use them well. If you have ideas to add or questions to ask please do so here as a comment.

In the video I’ve just thrown the camera on several experts and asked them to give a quick tip. None were ‘prepared’ or rehearsed and all were one-take down-and-dirty shoots. The technical details on cameras mics etc. is at the end.



Quick Web Video Tips


1.  Content is King [Randy Barnes]

You know this is true. Countless videos are out there that are shot with a flip camera or smart phone and the number of views can go into the millions.  If it’s cool it will rule!  Keep your content good and worry about the rest later.  Use redneck teleprompter if you need to to stay on point and deliver a clear message.  I would also recommend standing in front of something visually interesting and get away from the very plain backgrounds.  Notice my scene in the openning segment.

2.  Pay Attention to Color [Desiree Peeples]

This was a new one for me but Desiree knows her stuff. I do know that white shirts are not flattering and black is tough in lots of situations. Red is hard for digital camera to ‘read’ so that make sense. Also there’s the stripe thing. Digital cameras will usually make a mess of stripes so use this as you will.  Look in the mirror before you hit the button.

3.  Hold the Shot! [Amani Channel]

Let the action play in front of the camera. Most pros use a tripod to hold steady and truly hate the pan.  Play like a statue and hold still. The HD cameras are very sensitive to any motion at all so use care. Hold the camera with two hands close to your chest, lean on a tree or wall, try a monopod or tripod. If you can shoot action from several positions or angles do it and edit after.

4.  Spread Your Video Everywhere! [Lou Bartone]

Obviously YouTube is the gorilla of video, but don’t stop there. Millions of videos play on other hosts and billions of user can find your video via all the social channels. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumbler…. and hundreds more.  Your Grandma knows that you reap what you sow, so sow lots!

5.  You Don’t Even Need a Camera! [Doug Lehman]

Video can be easily made by using slides from a presentation, photos from your phones camera, or any graphic you have rights to. Services like Animoto – Xtranormal – and GoAnimate produce video for you, and allow you to add your voice-over. Keynote, PowerPoint and other apps work beautifully too.

6. Flip Cameras Are Awesome. Still. [Mike Mueller]

This segment was shot with a flip standard def camera and looks and sounds great. The flip has lost lots of respect in the last year but is still the favorite of many web videographers. The camera is incredibly durable and easy to use. The picture is good in about any lighting and the built-in mic is the best in my experience.  Since they have been out of production there’s deals to be had and I will always have on handy. When you fancy pocket camera crashes just pull out the flip. It reminds me of the old Timex ads in that it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

7.  Call To Action and Hyperlink! [ColderICE]

If you don’t tell people what to do they will do nothing. If you want them to take an action then say so. Go here do this. Simple. As you’re most likely to post your video to YouTube begin your description with a link – and you must use the full URL starting with “http://…”   It will be active if you do it right.  Start every description with it.


Add Your Link In YouTube Description, First!

Begin your description with a link URL

-Bonus Tip:

watch the video to the very end for this one and find me on Facebook for the how-to.

tech details:

 seg 1 -Randy Barnes /EzVideoGuy

video – iPod Touch
audio – earbuds mic

seg 2 -Desiree Peeples /MommyReporter

video Kodak Zi8 (on monopod)
audio – Zoom H2, AT

seg 3 – Amani Channel /WebVideoChefs
(via Skype & Call Recorder on Mac)

video – his laptop
audio – earbud? or laptop?

Seg 4: Lou Bartone/

video: Kodak Zi8 (on monopod)
audio: wired Lav

Seg 5: Doug Lehman/Lehman’s Terms of Business

video: Kodak Zi8
audio: wired Lav

Seg 6: Mike Mueller/AreWeConnected

video: flip Ultra
audio: flip Ultra

Seg 7: John Lawson/ColderICE

video: flip Ultra
audio: flip Ultra

Bonus video tip:Randy Barnes

video: Logitech Webcam
audio: Logitech Webcam

Edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10

Improve YouTube Channel Title Tutorial

Custom YouTube Channel Title

Building your brand and traffic to your YourTube channel

takes lots of tweaks and ongoing effort. The little details all add up to your success and the Title of your channel is very important. Many YouTubers overlook this detail and never realize how easy it is to improve.

The key to success here is in your keyword. What problem do you solve? What words to you want to be found with? What is the primary term that people search? Use this in your title.

Getting into your channel setting is really easy. My channel title tutorial video will show you exactly how to do this.

Take a look at this graphic to see the title of my channel and exactly how it shows on the web:

Custom YouTube Channel Title

Custom Title Helps Build Brand and Traffic

Change your title via your YouTube account’s control panel

-> My Channel -> Settings: The video shows you step by step.

While you are in there take a moment to add tags to your channel as well. Add ALL the keywords someone may use to find your content. There’s likely some limit to the number of tags you can use but I don’t know it. Add 20 or so if you think they are relevant.

After you have save the changes be sure to review your site online and have others look at it too. Get some feedback and improve your title as you go. Things change and markets drift to and from specific words. Make sure your channel is a direct bullseye.

Take Action!

Comment or ask any question.


Brand Your Web Video

brand your video with graphics

There are numerous places to upload and host your videos but the number one spot is Youtube. The same advice applies everywhere so just begin to make this a habit and SOP.

First, brand you video with your logos and brand colors in you graphic overlays, bugs, and lower thirds. I’ll show you how easy this is to make in another post but this is dead simple. Also, it’s quite effective. If your content is high value other people will embed your videos and help spread the brand. Always do this if you’re a marketer.

Second, and speciffically to youtube, always begin your description with the full URL of your central site. All you have to do is include the “http://” and the link will appear. Frequently youtube will only doisplay the first line of text so make sure this is showing to every visitor. Do it every time!

brand your video with graphics

Brand Your YouTube Videos Every Time

In the lower lines of text you can include additional links to you other sites and social platforms, but always start off with the main link.

Meet Me on ;-)

I’ll me talking with Barry DJ Sermons about web video live on Tuesday 4/19. See it live or catch the replay. Here are the slide I created in Google Docs to use for this talk.

Webcam for Easy Web & Blog Video. Start Here! Episode #01

I mention a few sites in this show and include the links here:

  • AskAdria – a web-show live streamed and recorded by webcam for social media geeks
  • Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive – webcam superstar, master-minder, and Super-Mom internet based business guide

My Top 10 List for ways to use your webcam;

  1. Video email, I use but there are others. Free and easy way to send greeetings and thank yous to anyone; business or personal
  2. Video Chat - free srvice like tokbox, Skype, and ooVoo make it easy and free to chat with or without video with anyone on Earth. Hello Austrailla!
  3. Question Answering - FAQ, info for your service or any general topic that can be addressed with a look or a smile ;-)
  4. Video Welcome! Visitors will be more likely to interact or buy from you online if they can meet you as a real person. This is a great barrier buster.
  5. Live Streaming web-based show. Use or to broadcast live and do your thing with your own ‘tribe’
  6. . Video thank you – after events I frequently record a message and send it to everyone I met. Give them one more chance to put your name and face together and put you in the ‘top of mind’ column.
  7. EBay – I sell stuff online and a video showing the goods and your smiling face can really help in some auctions. This is seldom used but very effective!
  8. Product Review -on Amazon and YouTube and other high-trafic areas you can review the goods and bring great attention and information to your expertise
  9. Vlogging – Video blogging is now, and can be just the therapy you’re looking for!
  10. Video Press Release -Got News? Great way to spead your news fast and gain some instant exposure

Well there’s 1,001 more but I’ll leave that up to you. This should get you going.

If you have a video reply or comment, I’m all ears, and eyes ;-)

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