Howto: Download YouTube Videos

There are times when you need to show or watch videos from your local computer but can’t access the web. You may be making a presentation from a laptop and have no internet access.  Salespeople often are left with no access and need to show demos.  If you’re traveling it’s a great way to learn or keep  the family occupied.

You should always have a local copy as a backup for many reasons, like in case yout host pulls the plug on your video channel! (More common than you may realize.) Remember not to put all your videos in one basket.

Like anything I’m sure there’s a hundred ways to do this.  My current method is to use a Firefox browser add-on called Video DownloadHelper. The browser and add-on are both free and very easy to use. If you dont have Firefox then you need to get that first. If you aleady have it then just install the add-on from the link.

I like to download the highest quality video available and generally want the mp4 file. This is the flavor that plays well with all the iGadgets and tablets and is  a good quality format.  Just watch the video here to see how easy it is to use.


video downloadhelper add-on for Firefox

DownloadHelper makes Video Downloading Ez!

If you have another tool or method to use in downloading video then I’d appreciate a comment below to share it around. If you have a question about video then ask it here. If I don’t have an answer I’ll find someone that does.

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