Flip gives us a backstage pass!

Flip cameras (and their ilk) make it possible to show the world the behind-the-scenes insights into the moments we really want to know about. I love the low production value which give the real insider feel and a very personal connection to the people and events.

The internet has us glued us to a new tube, and the networks are putting some effort into the ‘new’ media as well. You won’t see this on the ‘real’ TV but if you are like lots of us, you’ll find it online. I notice a tweet this week (one more reason you need to be on Twitter) that Molly Ringwald was on the Today show. Well that’s got my interest as I’m a big fan.

I searched out the show via Google and there it was. The MSNBC page had a big feature with the high budget show clip, but also include the behind the scenes “Ez”video which I’ve included here. Have a look at a big star on the small screen, and I think you’ll fee a much more ‘real’ connection.

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On a brief technical note I will say that the HD format camera used here is chopping off Molly’s head which is why I still preach standard format. When you’re working with flip cams you need to get in close and the HD doesn’t get it as well as the standard formant. Still it works. Gorilla video like this take you much deeper into the real world you want to know about.

Youtube has so much more traffic than the TV networks because of its’ reality view of our world. Television and movies are filmed in laboratories with controlled scripts, makeup teams, and million dollar lights. Our homemade productions with hundred dollars cameras are every bit as entertaining and enjoyable.

Viva la flip!!

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