Easy Video Message Pad

I carry my flip video camera everywhere. If it’s not in my pocket it’s in the car. One of the great uses I find for the flip is as my personal digital assistant. I keep it handy at events and often ask people I meet to leave their contact information with my “assistant”. They are more likely to remember me and I can put the face with the info much better than with a business card!

Now sales calls and relationship building aren’t the only uses here. Sometimes I’ll take my flip to the refrigerator and cabinet, do a quick scan, and talk about what I have and need at the grocery store. Instant grocery list.

Just a couple of years ago (or 30 maybe) top executives were buying Arnie’s Lanier “Pocket Secretary”, a tape based memo recorder for big bucks. My $50 flip is way more awesome ;-)

The flip is easy review and playback and can be used over and over and over…

If you have not yet become comfortable with turning the camera lens on yourself for public display at least do a little note taking and talking to yourself. It will either help you more forward with fewer mistakes and better opportunities, or it may just really screw you up!

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