Mobile Video Journalists Can Learn From CNN Professionals

I spent the weekend at CNN Center as a guest iReporter for the 2012 iReport Awards Weekend. The experience was really worthwhile and I am here to share a bit that may be helpful to other Ez video creators.

Think about this stat pulled from an Ericsson report: 5 years from now there should be more mobile connected devices than there are human beings on Earth. Obviously this will mean more video creation and far more video consumption.

My favorite session was with Victor Hernandez, a CNN a journalistic communitech guy that makes many things happen over there. Victor has ants in his pants, and gave us a great 90 minute presentation, in 50 minutes! The slideshare’s below and worth a look.

Of course I’m a player, and know my stuff, but I still got lots of great tips and ideas from this. One great resource Victor shared was the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Mobile Journalism Reporting Tools Guide

The iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) is of course the hottest tool as its the easiest and quickest on the draw. I’ve just ordered some toys for mine and will show you that later. For now check out the many apps that Victor mentions in the presentation. I especially recommend

This was just one of the session that we shared over the weekend. I’ll add some more here soon if you like, but the others are’t likely to have the good slideshare like Victor’s. Check out all the resources and links give in this presentation. No matter who you are you should get some great ideas.

Time for Action!


  1. Hi Randy, thank you for this valuable article to me along with slideshare. Is there a minimum set of gear needed to be a professional enough iReporter? Can you talk about this in a blog post? Thank you, Bill Cobb

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