Webcam for Easy Web & Blog Video. Start Here! Episode #01

I mention a few sites in this show and include the links here:

  • AskAdria – a web-show live streamed and recorded by webcam for social media geeks
  • Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive – webcam superstar, master-minder, and Super-Mom internet based business guide

My Top 10 List for ways to use your webcam;

  1. Video email, I use but there are others. Free and easy way to send greeetings and thank yous to anyone; business or personal
  2. Video Chat - free srvice like tokbox, Skype, and ooVoo make it easy and free to chat with or without video with anyone on Earth. Hello Austrailla!
  3. Question Answering - FAQ, info for your service or any general topic that can be addressed with a look or a smile ;-)
  4. Video Welcome! Visitors will be more likely to interact or buy from you online if they can meet you as a real person. This is a great barrier buster.
  5. Live Streaming web-based show. Use or to broadcast live and do your thing with your own ‘tribe’
  6. . Video thank you – after events I frequently record a message and send it to everyone I met. Give them one more chance to put your name and face together and put you in the ‘top of mind’ column.
  7. EBay – I sell stuff online and a video showing the goods and your smiling face can really help in some auctions. This is seldom used but very effective!
  8. Product Review -on Amazon and YouTube and other high-trafic areas you can review the goods and bring great attention and information to your expertise
  9. Vlogging – Video blogging is now, and can be just the therapy you’re looking for!
  10. Video Press Release -Got News? Great way to spead your news fast and gain some instant exposure

Well there’s 1,001 more but I’ll leave that up to you. This should get you going.

If you have a video reply or comment, I’m all ears, and eyes ;-)

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