Improve YouTube Channel Title Tutorial

Custom YouTube Channel Title

Building your brand and traffic to your YourTube channel

takes lots of tweaks and ongoing effort. The little details all add up to your success and the Title of your channel is very important. Many YouTubers overlook this detail and never realize how easy it is to improve.

The key to success here is in your keyword. What problem do you solve? What words to you want to be found with? What is the primary term that people search? Use this in your title.

Getting into your channel setting is really easy. My channel title tutorial video will show you exactly how to do this.

Take a look at this graphic to see the title of my channel and exactly how it shows on the web:

Custom YouTube Channel Title

Custom Title Helps Build Brand and Traffic

Change your title via your YouTube account’s control panel

-> My Channel -> Settings: The video shows you step by step.

While you are in there take a moment to add tags to your channel as well. Add ALL the keywords someone may use to find your content. There’s likely some limit to the number of tags you can use but I don’t know it. Add 20 or so if you think they are relevant.

After you have save the changes be sure to review your site online and have others look at it too. Get some feedback and improve your title as you go. Things change and markets drift to and from specific words. Make sure your channel is a direct bullseye.

Take Action!

Comment or ask any question.


Brand Your Web Video

brand your video with graphics

There are numerous places to upload and host your videos but the number one spot is Youtube. The same advice applies everywhere so just begin to make this a habit and SOP.

First, brand you video with your logos and brand colors in you graphic overlays, bugs, and lower thirds. I’ll show you how easy this is to make in another post but this is dead simple. Also, it’s quite effective. If your content is high value other people will embed your videos and help spread the brand. Always do this if you’re a marketer.

Second, and speciffically to youtube, always begin your description with the full URL of your central site. All you have to do is include the “http://” and the link will appear. Frequently youtube will only doisplay the first line of text so make sure this is showing to every visitor. Do it every time!

brand your video with graphics

Brand Your YouTube Videos Every Time

In the lower lines of text you can include additional links to you other sites and social platforms, but always start off with the main link.

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