I recommend two microphones for your Zi8, or other video camera

If you have Kodak’s newest pocket video camera, the Zi8 then you’ll need to look at external mics to take full advantage of the best feature of this camera. Here I have 2 great recommendations that are highly rated and widely available.


  1. only 1 mic input so you’ll need some fancy hardware to use 2 mics

  2. will you please advise me on an external mic for my zi8? ill being using to record live music, mainly indoors which will then be uploaded to our website and youtube.



    • for this I’d look at recording the music separately on a Zoom H2, which Santa bought to me !!! It’s awesome and will give you excellent quality. The editing of the two pieces [audio+video] together is not a big deal for many editors but for an external mic to plug into your Zi8 I have no recommendation. I never record music myself, just 1 or 2 talking heads.

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