Video Traffic Academy Review of Product Value

So, I usually enjoy a good IM [internet marketing] launch, and watch from the sidelines, but today I’ve taken the bait and purchased, from an affiliate link, a product called Video Traffic Academy.

Enjoy the Video Traffic Academy sales page for yourself

The product is sold at only $97 but as you may expect has a $297 up-sale and a $97 per month continuity program.

Given the level of info and expert content I will have to say it looks like a fair deal, so far.

Anyway, I’m in and on the hook for a C-note, and have 30 days to refund if I’m not happy. I may or may not write anything else here so don’t hold me to it, but I’ll try to post something, and I’m way over due for a video here so that may be the plan.

The hook here is making effective, traffic driving and converting YouTube videos. Since I’ve just been having fun goofing off in this space up til now I’d like to turn up the monetization and start to make a buck.


  1. I was wondering how the Video Traffic Academy has turned out for you. Do you see the value is some of the programs he included in his package, etc…

    All The Best,
    Phillip “Sparkie” Waller
    Quinton Alabama

    • Well, I’ve been trying to find the time to make a video update here but can say that I am pleased with the Video Traffic Academy package. I’ve spent about 4 hours in the material and have found it very useful. I had a problem when I didnt get a link from the automated process [ reason unknown] but support was very prompt and helpful. I think the value is certainly there. I spend a good bit of my time in video and youtube world and come to this with a great deal of knowledge. Ive been happy with the great ideas and real world insight. I will be spending more time in the modules this weekend and will get a video up here! Buy it – and please use my link above ;-) I’ll throw in an hour of my time via skype for you, and half hour for anyone else that joins in from here. Thanks for the connection.

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